Gorgey Georgy

I'm trying to do these in chronological order (sort of),
but I've found some good pictures that I just had to include

George as cute little baby

With his mum, dad, Peter, and Harry

George and his first guitar, c. 1956

Incredibly freaky picture of teenage George

Cropped picture of him playing a wedding with John and Paul

Hitchhiking with Paul

Funny picture of him with interesting hair

Nice hair, George

Hamburg Astrid pictures

With an odd smile

Aww... He's so cute

Another Hamburg pic

Cute pic with a couple of guitars @ the Top Ten

Back at the Cavern

This has got to be one of the cutest pictures of him

What more can I say?

Cavern pic with George in front

He looks anorexically skinny!

I love this one!

"And who's this Susan when she's at home?"

One of my absolute favourite pictures

From the Dezo Hoffman photo shoot

I love it when he wears black turtlenecks (I have this thing for dark guys who wear 'em)

Hehe (I have nothing else to write. It's difficult to repeat myself using different words....)

With Patti

...And I've been there too

Isn't he gorgeous?

A great shot (though the actual photo isn't of great quality)

More to come soon, I promise