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So far, I only have one story, but it's my pride and joy and will be updated constantly

Writing Updates:

3rd March, 2002

I haven't been able to be on the computer much these days, seeing as  I've got a lot of homework and all. My parents say that because the weather is getting nicer, I need to spend more time outside. Well, it's still arse-freezing cold out there, so I'm sneaking time at the computer whenever I can. Though actually, on Friday it was warm enough to play two games of basketball and one highly rambunctious game of "rugby" outside. I say "rugby" because my school's version of rubgy isn't similar to the real way at all. It has turned out to be a free-for-all mixture of rugby, soccer, football, slaughter (a incredibly fun game played on the knees that involves a lot of tackling), and wrestling. There are only two rules: only run about seven very large steps when you have the ball, and no kicking. Basically, there are no rules, as people don't kick people jsut out of politeness and everybody runs more than seven steps. We do crazy things. I've even gotten tickled so I would release the ball -- I think our motto is "whatever it takes."

24th February, 2002

Today would have been George's 59th birthday (or so people say. I  still say it was just barely on the 25th, at 12:05 in the morning, but on the radio today, they were saying that he didn't find out 'til he was about 40 that it was actually on the 24th. Oh well... If only he was alive so we could ask him. Please send your thoughts to Olivia and Dhani.

21 February, 2002:

Well, seeing as I have only just created my website, there is no update other than: I've added the story to my site! Yay!
Another note: the title is just something I came up with on the spur of the moment so I could have something to link to. I believe I'm going to change it, if I ever get a better one. If you can think of one, email me at: or

Tragic Rose


Note: Some of the characters are called their middle names. The name commonly used is underlined.

Mira Leslie Swank- The protagonist. Best friend of Pete's girl, Ruth. Mira has black hair, brown eyes, and light skin. She lives with her Auntie Jenn (to be explained later) and is a master at pouring on the charm to impress parents and the like.
George Harold Harrison - The youngest, cutest, most talented, most adorable, etc., etc., of all The Beatles (duh. Why do you think I talk about him all the time?). He is basically, though not officially, the lead guitarist. He's got greased back, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. For the rime being, his skin is darker than the rest of The Beatles.
Catherine Ruth Alderman - Pete's girl & Mira's best friend (as stated earlier). Ruth has red hair, green eyes, a few freckles, and light skin that freckles and burn easily, so she stays away from the sun when she can.
Randolph Peter Best - The drummer of the group, Pete usually has a look rather like he's sulking when he's playing the drums, but Mira suspects that's just because he's concentrating. He's not very good at the drums, and his personality doesn't really mesh with the rest of the band, but he's what they've got, and Ruth loves him.
Elizabeth Anne Leiber - Is of no relation to Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stoller, unfortunately.  She is a friend of Mira and Ruth's who has a crush on John. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and likes to think that she looks like Brigitte Bardot.
John Winston Lennon - A rebellious type, sometimes called the leader of The Beatles, but as George plays lead and John plays rhythm guitar, that technically doesn't work.
Cynthia “Miss. Priss” Powell - John's girl, though he is more often than not cheating on her. He is quite protective over her, however, and won't allow her to be with anyone else. She has naturally dark hair which she dyed blonde to please John. John calls her either Miss Priss or Cyn, and many of her good friends call her Cyn.
James Paul “Macca” McCartney - A sometimes-mother's boy who is fancied by many of the local girls because of his charm and baby cheeks. He has jet black hair and brownish eyes, which set off his light skin.
Anabelle Swanson Bradley - Paul's unsteady girlfriend, called such because of their off-and-on relationship that ends every time Paul flirts with another girl. She has black hair, brown eyes, and a figure that made Paul do a double-take (or so he says).

Parental-Type/Old People Characters

Jennifer Swank - Mira's aunt, who adopted the girl after her mother died. Jennifer (or Auntie Jenn, as Mira calls her, like Paul's Auntie Gin) is not strict at all, in fact, she says that Mira only has to come home every few days or so. The kind of guardian all of us would want, though if we got it, would not be happy about. She can be very careless sometimes.
William Alderman - Ruth's never-relenting father who likes his daughter to be home at a certain time every night. He works a lot, so his rule, as he is never there to oversee it is obeyed, is often broken.
Jack the Milkman - Though he qualifies in age as an adult, Jack is more like Mira's friend than an authority figure (though that means that Auntie Jenn doesn't qualify in spirit, either).
Louise Harrison - George's ever-encouraging mother who bought him his first guitar and supported him during the late nights he spent practicing it. She is the one who allows him to go to school with slicked back hair and dranies.
Harold Harrison - George's father who drives the school bus he takes in the morning.
Aunt Mimi Smith - John's (surprise, surprise) aunt! Strict but loving, she prides herself in training John to be a good boy.
James “Jimmy Mac” McCartney - Paul's musical father. He once played the trumpet, but gave it up because his teeth changed over the years. He plays the piano and once had a band called Jimmy Mac's Jazz Band, hence the nickname Jimmy Mac.

Mira's outfits throughout the story

Chapter One: Why Do the Good Girls Always Want the Bad Boys?
Chapter Two: 'Cause Baby, It's You
Chapter Three: Just Call on Me When You're Lonely, I'll Keep My Love For You Only
Chapter Four: Words of Love