Chapter Four: Words of Love
-- Buddy Holly

“No, Auntie Jenn, it's my, not me. No proper lady says, `I have to check on me pie.'”
“Fine, fine. I have to check on my pie.”
“Could I invite George over for a slice? He missed out last time.”
“That would be lovely. Tell him to bring his guitar.”
“Why? Do you want him to serenade you with a love ballad?”
“Where in heaven's name did you get that idea? I was thinking that he could play something for you. For heaven's sake, child.” I had just taught her the `heaven's name' and `heaven's sake,' and now she was purposely using them constantly. That was what she always did when I taught her a new phrase, just to make me laugh.
“Well, for heaven's sake, I was just kidding. For heaven's sake, aunt.” We had a good laugh over that one. “I'll call him, just as long as you promise not to make any cracks when he gets here.”
“Whatever could you be thinking? Why would I do such a thing?” My aunt put on her best innocent look.
“Yeah, okay. I'm going to call him now, so if you would be quiet…”
“Hello, Mrs. Harrison. This is Mira.”
“Mira, dear, how are you?”
“Great. And you?” We continued on in this manner for a while, then Louise gave the phone to George.
“Hello, Mira.”
“Hi, George, dear. Auntie Jenn and I were wondering if you wanted to come over for some apple pie, seeing as you missed out on it last time.”
“Um, well, you see, I've got the band over here right now. Mum's being our audience.”
“Why don't you bring `em all over? We could make a party out of it!'
“Are you sure your aunt wouldn't mind? There are eight of us.”
“Yeah. Me, John, Paul, Pete, Mum, Neil, Anabelle, and Cynthia.”
“Well, I guess. That'll just mean smaller pieces of pie, but if you're okay with that…” I had been hoping to have a romantic afternoon, just the two of us, but I guessed that a party would be good for me.
“Okay, let me check with John.” Even after the band had been together for so long, George still considered John to be the leader, and always consulted him before doing anything. Knowing that, George must have asked him is he should start `dating' me, though we hadn't actually dated yet. That night was when he and I were going on our first `date,' but I was betting that it would turn into an outing with George, John, Paul, Cyn, and Anabelle, if not Pete and Ruth as well. After some conversation, George came back to the phone. “He says it's fine as long as we can practice at your house. You see, we haven't been practicing much, so John's decided that we're going to practice every day either after lunch shows, or before evening shows, with a couple breaks.”
“Great. Do you guys need a ride?”
“Um, I think we could get us in with Neil because he's brought the van, and Mum, Cynthia, and Anabelle can ride in Anabelle's car.”
“Okay, see you then.”
“Right. Bye, then.” I noticed that he didn't call me `luv' in front of all of his older friends. At least he could feel superior towards me because he was a couple of months older, not that he often did, though I hadn't much been around him when he was in the presence of his bandmates.

v          v          v

“The girls should be coming in a few minutes.” John, being the unofficial leader of the group, entered first. As the band filed in, I introduced them all to my aunt.
“I'm Neil,” he filled in when I found myself not knowing the last one's name. “I drive the band around.”
They all stood there awkwardly for a few moments until Auntie Jenn broke the silence. “Won't you all come in and make yourselves comfortable.” They dutifully shuffled into the parlor, where they deposited their instruments before squeezing onto the sofa.
There was a knock on the front door, and I opened it to see Mrs. Harrison, Anabelle, and Cynthia standing there, all carefully primped. I felt like a country bumpkin standing in front of them. My hair, while brushed, had not been washed in days, and my outfit consisted of a light purple, square-necked, tank top dress that came to just below the knees. I didn't own any of the fashionable skirt and jacket suits that all the older girls seemed to be wearing these days. “Hello, Mira,” Anabelle greeted me with a smile larger and seemingly more genuine then I had expected. Either she truly was glad to see me, or she was just really good at pretending to like people. “Is your good health keeping up?”
“It is. That whole thing was really odd - I think it was just from lack of sleep,” I exclaimed as I led them into the living room where Auntie Jenn was pouring tea.
“Ah, the birds, they have arrived!” Paul quickly stood up and let Anabelle have his place, as did George and John for Mrs. Harrison and Cynthia. As not to be left out, Pete stood and offered his seat to me, which I declined, as the sofa was only supposed to seat two in the first place. Auntie Jenn reentered and smiled to Louise.
“You must be Mira's aunt,” Mrs. Harrison exclaimed.
“Yes, my name is Jennifer.”
“Pleased to meet you. We really appreciated your hospitality on such short notice.”
“Oh, no trouble at all. Mira and I can't eat a whole pie ourselves, and I love hearing the boys play.” At this, I caught George's eye and grinned, and he smiled back, though not entirely enthusiastically. I guessed he was a little embarrassed about having all of his older friends and his mother at his girlfriend's house. Auntie Jenn began to pour tea for us. I could tell that she was trying to make a good impression on Mrs. Harrison, as the last time they had talked, I believe that Auntie Jenn was a little hungover.

v          v          v

That evening, I prepared for my 'date' with George

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