Whee hee! Well, I borrowed all all of these pictures from other people, so unfortunately, it's nothing new. As soon as I get my sorry little ass out of Washington and into California, I'll see them and be able to post some original pictures. But for now, this is all I"ve got.
I hope to soon have a separate site for Rooney as my obsession is growing and my site doesn't show up when one searches for Rooney. But that won't happen UNTIL the rest of the band emails me back with those interviews. At least Taylor was thoughtful and emailed me back the next morning (I sent them out at about 10 or 11 at night).

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Interview with Ned (NEW!)

Interview with Louie

Interview with Matt

Interview with Taylor

I will soon (assuming that they respond) have interviews with the rest of the band

Louie (looking rather like somebody I know and have forgotten the name of), Taylor (looking,
as Claire says, like Rachel Leigh Cook, though I disagree), Robert (looking very odd),
Matt (looking like he thinks the photographer's an idiot), and Ned (with his awesome hair).

I'm such a sucker for black and white photos (though this one does exist in colour)

I wish this picture was bigger. I am amazed at how tall Matt is.
It seems that all guys are too short these days (I'm 5'8" and still growing).

I love pinstripes!!! I tried a suit on at the nifty thrifty store, but, alas, it was too big.

I adore Robert's pink guitar (but Taylor's les Paul is better...)!


I love this one! man it's rather old

Hit the drums, Ned, hit those damn drums. Lol a bit of humor taken from
Floyd there which only those of you who are loyal fans will understand.

'Tis Robert

... And Matt

...And Louie

I love how Matt's in the backgroud there, all out of focus

I just found this picture on the anti pop music org Yahoo! club and I adore
Taylor's shirt. I just love rugby shirts, in fact, I'm wearing one right now.
And it's genuine. Not one of those girly ones the A&F sells or anything
like that. Ah, but his is nicer than mine. I like the colours.

Here's another one from that lovely group. If this is your picture and you don't want me
 to have it on my site (it is gorgeous though, so I beg of you to let me keep it),
 then email me at and I will remove it. Please don't, though.

Ah, I adore that shirt! This would be a superb picture
if he didn't have red eyes and was looking at the camera. Oh well, beggers
can't be choosers. I still love it...

I got these next photos from this site. If you want them to be removed, just email me and I'll do your bidding
If you scroll down and look at the next few pictures really fast, it's sort of like a flipbook.

Why look. Just for a change, I'll show a picture of Taylor in that shirt...
Golly, you don't think I like it when he wears that shirt, do you?

You tell me what he's doing in this picture... must be checking
something or tuning his guitar at a really odd angle... Or maybe
just rocking out.

Oh my God, Robert's looking odd... I think I may have to start separte
pages for pictures of each of the band members, I have so many...

Ah, he's lovely... and so is his guitar...

Robert is being simply adorable! I just finished watching the Princess Diaries
for the second time and he is simply gorgeous. And, they played Bluside
in the movie!!! I am estatic! Ah, the gorgeousness...

Oooh, I love this one too.

Oh, doesn't he look like a fool. Ah we get two musicians in one!
Go, Phantom Planet too...

Is he wearing high-heeled shoes? I guess he's
trying to compensate for something... lol
okay that was mean... it's not his fault

Shoes from left: Louie, Matt, Robert, Taylor, and Ned.

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Business Edition Image
Oh this is a great on of Taylor as well as Ned.
Taylor's simply lovely guitar. I love it... I think Jacques has one almost
exactly identical to it, if not totally identical. And then Darren has that gold les Paul.

All of the pictures below were taken by dearest Mel at CBGB's the other night, so if you want to use them, you have to ask her becuase I cannot give you permission to take them. She won't bite, so send her an email and she'll most likely gladly give them to you....

This is Mel and Matt at CBGB's the other night. Thank you, Mel.
 Again, if you want to use this photo, just ask her.

... And Mel with Robert. He's looking sort of odd. He's wearing his Taxi shirt, which I love!

This is the greatest picture of Matt! It's so perfect...

Rock on, Louie. Or as he says, "rock first, party second"

Here's the non-cropped version of the picture above. You can see the neck of Matt's bass,
Ned's drums, and the side of Robert. Just to give you a sense of how the stage was set up...

I just love Robert's shoes. I heard they were discontinued.
Too bad... Ah but my brother said they weren't so yay!

I like his shirt. What exciting commentary, eh?

 Notice the little teddy-bear like stuffed animal thing. Mel says that
she and her friend won that with one of those arcade crane-thingys
and gave it to Matt before the show. He kept it on the amp the whole time!

Another of Matt. You can still see the teddybear-mouse thing...

Is it just me, or does Ned always seem to get photographed when his mouth is open?

Notice the CBGB flyer thingys...

Here's another of Robert. Don't you just love my commentary???

Boy Rob wears his TAXI shirt all the time. Good thing cuz it's my favorite

Well, thanks, Mel. The pictures are superb...

I can't remember where I got this, so
thanks to whomever I took it from.

Lol this one's great.

I put this one up as Picture of the Day a while ago.
I still love it...

This one's the new one on the entrance page. It reminds me of The
Beatles. Matt looks freakishly like Paul. I love it how he
always wears suit jacket-type things

It's from the official site, so nothing new. Poor Louie.
It's rather funny because Ned, the one who graduated from
college and all that, never capitalizes anything and
he always uses the wrong "your." Louie, the one who
is apparently failing highschool, sent me this gramitcally
flawless email with my name at the top and everything.
I say, "Go Loiuie!"

Ah here's another from the offical page. Great shot...

Here's one at the Chain Reaction. I forget who you are, people in the picture,
so email me and I'll give you credit. I think one of you is named Reyna.
Lol Louie's wearing his favorite shirt! TRUDY!

This is one of my favorite Taylor pictures...

The pictures with the date in the corner were taken by dearest Jules. Thank you, Jules!

Here's another.

... And another. The internet is abundant with pictures of Taylor...

From the official website
Oh this is really cool. If you can find yourself, email me and I'll put it up.
Hopefully I'll be able to get everybody, though I doubt it.
Lol. So far, I know that on the left side of the picture, about halfway up,
there's a guy in an orange shirt. On his left, you can see the glare of a girl's glasses.
That is my friend Lane! rejoice!

Jules took this one too. I love it!!!
Ooh this one's SUPERB

"Hit the books, Lou, hit those damn books!"
Floyd in all his loveliness

... And Boris in all of his

This, based on my careful research,
is Taylor's favorite shirt.

And there's another... I wonder who's skinnier:
Taylor, Sam, or Jacques?

Heh. From his first post. It seems after that, all the guys took to putting pictures up.

More soon.