No Doubt

I just went to see No Doubt at the Paramount (in Seattle) and they were superb! We got in line a couple of hours before they would let us in and we froze our asses off. We managed to get about 15 feet away from the stage for the first part of the concert, but after a while we were pushed back by all the hard-core fans. I had a superb time, learned to like The Faint, got splashed by (I think) Stephen's water, and, best of all, got a couple of smiles from Tony.  I am so totally stoked about No Doubt, and am trying to convince my band to sing more of their songs (we already have Don't Speak on our list).

So far, I don't have much on my page (obviously), but there should be  more soon. I'm really involved with my band, school, and other such extracurricular activities. Well ladeedah...

I adore this one!


This is my absolute favourite of Tom

This is a great one, though it sort of looks like Tony's feet are coming out of his head

Though not of great quality, this is an awesome picutre. I love this video!

How I wish that could be me. We didn't win backstage passes, though.
If I could have gotten there even earlier, I would have...

Gabriel (erm, I think it was him. Maybe it was Steve) threw his water on the audience and I got splashed with it!