Picture of the Day Archive

"Hit the books, Lou, hit those damn books!"
Floyd in all his loveliness

I just love the look on Jason's face. It looks like
Darren is pretending not to know them...

This one's the new one on the entrance page for the official site. It reminds me of
The Beatles. Matt looks freakishly like Paul and Ned sorta looks like the
original bassit, Stu's, German girlfriend, Astrid. Just cuz of the hair.
I love it how Matt always wears suit jacket-type things.
I guess I'm just a sucker for black and white photos....

This one just cracks me up every time I see it.
 He looks like a nun or something. I got it a while ago,
but I love it too much to let it sit on the PP page...
Go Darren, you sexy thang!

This is my favorite picture of my favorite member.
Sam's a really good bassist, and he seems funny.
I hate to say it, but I don't know much about PP.

Louie at CBGB's. This, like almost all the other pictures of
 Rooney on my site, was taken by Mel. Thanks, Mel.
We finally have a really good picture of Louie!

This is the only picture I have of Hayden Christensen on this site,
and so here it is as Picture of the Day. He's a total hottie in Life as a House.

Hehe I love this picture. I like it when they look disshevled
becuase you know that's how they normally look and
they're not all dressed up for an appearance or something.

This picture is all thanks to Mel, who kindly emailed it to me...
 Thank you, Mel. If you want it, talk to her. Isn't he simply adorable?
How on earth did they assemble so many hot, talented  guys in one group?
So anyway, sorry there wasn't a photo of the day yesterday. I had too much homework...
She got a couple of a picture of her with Matt and one with Robert, which you can see on my Rooney page.
Just a note: New Rooney pictures are always added onto the bottom of the page.

I love this picture. Quite hilarious, if you ask me...

Easter's Picture of the Day. I want this shirt so badly! I simply adore
rugby shirts. This is Taylor, in case you couldn't tell...

Well, so far I only have one archived Picture of the Day, but it's a start.
Isn't he simply gorgeous? Oh, I love Rooney!