Interview with Matt

1) If I sent you my address, would you mail me your signature?

2) Do you write on your hand?
 Don't usually

3) What do you think about having girls raving about you all over the internet? It must be kinda odd...
It's awesome! It's really flattering

4) What colour are the walls of your room?
lavender (i'm being serious)

5) Do you like to put posters on your walls and/or ceilings?

6) What does your favourite T-shirt look like?
My blue Temptations shirt.  It's super old and getting really thin, it's great.

7) In the picture on the entrance page of your website, which shoes are yours ( I believe I have it figured out, I just want to confirm)?
Blue vans

8) What is (are) your favourite band(s)?
ELO, Oasis, the Beatles, Blur, Queen, and the Cars

9) What is your favourite type of coffee drink (i.e., something you could get from Starbucks)?
decaafe capuccino

10) What does your girlfriend (if you have one. I'm sorry if you've just
broken up or something) think of your fame?
Yes i have a girlfriend, and she thinks it's really exciting.

11) Boxers or briefs?
whatevers clean

12) What is your advice for aspiring rock stars who want to get signed to
Interscope (namely, my band, ASW Scotch)?
practice a lot and have your band play with a lot of different bands

13) Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

14) What's your favorite kind of breakfast cereal?

15) What's your opinion on teenybopping pop?
i don't really have one

16) Does your toilet paper roll from the top or the bottom?
top, silly!

17) Do all of these interviews get annoying?
Of course not, yours was great and original!

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