Taylor pictures

I love pinstripes!!! I tried a suit on at the nifty thrifty store, but, alas, it was too big.


I love this one!

I just found this picture on the anti pop music org Yahoo! club and I adore
Taylor's shirt. I just love rugby shirts, in fact, I'm wearing one right now.
And it's genuine. Not one of those girly ones the A&F sells or anything
like that. Ah, but his is nicer than mine. I like the colours.

Here's another one from that lovely group. If this is your picture and you don't want me
 to have it on my site (it is gorgeous though, so I beg of you to let me keep it),
 then email me at ladymadonna@angelfire.com and I will remove it. Please don't, though.

Ah, I adore that shirt (and that guy in it)! This would be a superb picture
if he didn't have red eyes and was looking at the camera. Oh well, beggers
can't be choosers. I still love it...

I got these next photos from this site. If you want them to be removed, just email me and I'll do your bidding
If you scroll down and look at the next few pictures really fast, it's sort of like a flipbook.

I never noticed how abnormally small his mouth is...

Why look. Just for a change, I'll show a picture of Taylor in that shirt...
Golly, you don't think I like it when he wears that shirt, do you?

You tell me what he's doing in this picture... must be checking
something or tuning his guitar at a really odd angle...

Taylor's simply lovely guitar. I love it... I believe that the guitarist for PP
(I am ashamed to say I don't know his name) has one too. I am so pathetic
that I only just realized that Jason Schwartzman was the drummer for PP.
I cannot believe myself!