First released on Roadkill Records in 1988
1,000 copies released that same year on Wet Spot Records
2,000 copies released on EFA
It is now available on Lookout Records
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1. Dingbat
2. Love
3. Zombie
4. This Ain't Hawaii
5. We Skate
6. Police Insanity
7. Stupid Over You
8. Runaway
9. I Hate Led Zeppelin
10. My Right
11. Nicaragua
12. Sunshine
13. I Wanna Be Naked
14. Ashtray
15. American Suicide
16. Psychiatrist
17. Mad at the Paper Boy
18. I Love to Hate
19. More Problems
20. Supermarket Fantasy
21. Holy Hardcore
22. Professional Distribution
23. Used Cars
24. Hunter
25. I Believe in UFOs
26. Hey Suburbia


She's a dingbat (x2)
Always walking in to trees
Wakes me up to ask if I'm asleep
Sits around stares in to space
Oh God I hate her face
Cause she's a dingbat, she's a dingbat
Her dumbness really bothers me
Brainless questions constantly
I wish shut her mouth, give me a break
Oh God I hate her face, I hate her face
She lives alone in her own world
Naive, wide-eyed, little girl
Dosen't care that the world's a mess
She's such a waste of flesh, a waste of flesh 


I don't wanna call you and take you to the show
I don't wanna go on dates with you
And write you sappy notes
'Cause I don't need the hassles
I don't need the headaches too
And I don't wanna be in love with you (x4)
I don't wanna take you for walks on the beach
I don't want you hanging on me like a leech
'Cause I know what you're trying, I know what you're trying to do
And I don't wanna be in love with you (x4)
Love is a waste of my time
Don't waste my time cause I've got better things to do
To you love is just games and
Googly eyeed teen romance
That's why I don't wanna be in love with you
I don't wanna think about you everyday
I don't wanna shower and put on aftershave
'Cause love is for assholes
Yeah love is for assholes it's true
And I don't wanna be in love with you 


You left me there at the shopping mall
You left me standing
All I had was some potato chips, a can of warm beer, and a face full of zits
Then a barrel full of slime rolled over me
I was burning
So now I am the living dead and I am gonna have your head tonight
I want your brain!
I'm a zombie now and I'm gonna get you baby
Gonna step on your head, gonna break your bones,Gonna rip your eyes out from their holes
I'm gonna get you baby
Don't try to give me your excuse
I just wanna get back at you
I want your brain 

This Ain't Hawaii

The girls are on the beach in their string bikinis
The guys are struttig proudly showing off their weenies
Top 40 garbage spewing expensive radios
As they primp their pampered bodies
And put schnozzguard on their nose
This ain't hawaii (x4)
Prep school blondes and musclemen with perfect heinies
There's more money on this beach than all the tea in china
The girls all look like Nancy Drew, the boys like Jim McMahon
And their fat, white, ugly parents look like Morey Amsterdam
This ain't hawaii (x4)
In droves they hit the beach in Porches and Ferraris
The sun has cooked their brain they're on a surf safari
The Lake is full of creepy snobs, I start to get annoyed
This isn't Honolulu buddy, this is Illinois
They're surfing in Wilmette 

We Skate

We skate - we are cool
We skate - we are straight
We skate - helluv raw
We skate - fuck the law
We are skaters tired and true
Lookout we'll run over you
We skate - we are cool
We skate - we can mosh
We skate - thrashin' mad
We skate - helluv rad 

Police Insanity

Another cop another gun
Another way to end my fun
Another fucking power game
Hate in Law enforcement name
Black and white or gold and blue
My good time is a job for you
Do you enjoy the fear you cause
By pulling out your book of laws
Without me you would have no job
You're full of shit you macho cop
Installing paranoia in so called protected citizens
Another badge a not stick
Another chance to get your kicks
Sworn to serve and to protect
Don't ever ask for my respect
Got picked on when you were a kid
Don't take it out on me you dick!
Police insanity don't take it out on me

Stupid Over You

Madonna I'm in love
It dosen't make too much sense
But when I saw you on TV
This sounds so ridiculous
But I can't help the way I feel
When I look at your chubby face
Sandra I don't understand
How you always do it
he world's most lucky man is either Jerry Lewis or David Letterman
I wish I was your late night man
'Cause I get so stupid over you (x4)
Even though you're big and famous in movies and TV
Can't the three of us go out and see midget wrestling
'Cause hanging out with you
Would definately be my dream come true
'Cause I get so stupid over you  

I Hate Led Zepplin

Robert Plant is a slimy fuck
John Bonham man, he really sucked
Those greedy fuckers, those phoney shits
They made their money off idiots
I hate Led Zeppelin
12 dollar concerts were all the rage
They bought cocaine for Jimmy Page
"Stairway to Heaven" makes me see red
Bonzo's buried, only three more left
I hate Led Zeppelin  

My Right

My right to say what I want
And think the way I wanna think
My right I wanna speak my mind
My right to yell my right to scream
My right no one's ever gonna
Tell me what I have to do
I'll live the way I want
I don't care about your little world
And I can't believe you're telling me
What's good for me how do you know what's good?
And I can't believe you're telling me
What to believe, get away from me - my right
No matter what I do, to you
Is one big mistake
Well I'm sick of you I know I'm right
You sleazy money grubbing fake
My right my life my soul my mind
My body my existence means
That I don't have to listen to you
It's my right cause I'm a human being 


I don't give a fuck about Nicaragua
I don't give a shit about the President
I don't care about suburban white kids
Trying to show they've got compassion
Politics are boring
Politics are fucking boring
Philosophizing propoganda spewing
Teenage armchair revolutionaries
What's the problem?
What's the matter?
You're sitting there getting fatter
You say that you hate capitalism
And won't you compromise
But when you're out of cigarettes
The funny thing is your butt's full of jizz
You pompous ass your moral outrage
Gives me a fucking headache
Closed your mind got all the answers
Don't even realize you're an asshole
If you had any brains I guess you'd see
You're a narrow minded judgemental left wing nazi
I don't give a fuck about Nicarauga 


It might seem like we're not the only ones to tell you
But who's in charge of your destiny
Some dumb fucker or is it you know
It's not what's in between your legs
But what's inside your head that counts
You say you're worthless
But I see through the bullshit
You're not helpless you can stand on your own two feet
So why do you let yourself be treated like a fucking piece of meat
You call it life I call it rape, I call it prostitution
I don't know why you hate yourself
'Cause you're not ugly at all
So let the sunshine in
And chase away your blues
Smilers never lose and frowners never win
So let the sunshine in
I know it's fucking hard
But now it's time to try and start to let the sunshine through
So when you feel fucked up like your life is in the gutter
Think about it for a minute
It's what you say that matters
Don't call it life, call it life, call it prostitution
And you won't have to hate yourself
Beacause you're a beautiful person 

I Wanna Be Naked

I wanna be naked I wanna be nude
I wanna walk around in my birthday suit
No more funny looks about the way I dress
I'll show the whole world my nakedness
I don't need no hangups, I wanna be naked
Don't wanna make a fashion statement pose
I wanna walk down the street without any clothes
I won't waste no time deciding what to wear
Every day I'll dress the same - completely bare
I don't care if it's against the law
I wanna live my life in the raw
Naked as a jaybird all the time
Bold and brave and no tan lines 
I don't need no hangups
I wanna be naked
Oh yeah


I can't pay the rent, the 20 bucks I made last week's already spent
The landlord's at the door and there's dried beer and cigarette butts on thefloor
Can't seem to go to work and let some fucker treat me like a piece of dirt
Get out of bed at noon, my head is fucking screwed
And my life is really going down the tubes
I dont know what the fuck to do
Got half a pack of cigarettes and my wallet is completely bare again
I might be broke but I don't care, I just watch TV in my baggy underware
Monday morning 9:00, I gotta get out and start looking for a job
I don't want a career, I got enough to deal with here
And I shelled out my last 7 bucks for beer
I don't know what the fuck to do
I see the room before my eyes, a rotten pizza covered up with flies
This just ain't the life for me, don't wanna end up like Lenny, Jake and Jesse
Can't seem to go to work and let some fucker treat me like a piece of dirt
Get out of bed at noon, my head is fucking screwed
And my life is really going down the tubes
I don't know what the fuck to do 

American Suicide

(Lyrics coming soon)


Johnny got upset and drank a bottle of Sea Breeze
Mommy figured out he wasn't too happy
The family looks nice but they're rotting inside
They all hate each other but nobody knows why
So they go to the shrink he says, "You're very nice people
but Johnny causes problems and negative feelings, he really needs help."
And then mommy starts crying.
"But if you give me your checkbook we can hospitalize him."

Made dependent on a doctor for your mental hell
The ritulin pills are gonna make you well
6 weeks of bliss, your emotional fix

Then give daddy the bill for the therapy swill
Your doc is your drug he's got your medication
He gets through to you better when you're under sedation
Something from your past that he won't let relax
You wish you were dead but he makes your time last
So you sit in the day room and watch a TV
You're never alone, under close scrutiny
Don't cause any problems, you'll end up on your back
Chock full of thorazine and trapped like a rat 

Made dependent on a doctor for your mental hell
The ritulin pills are gonna make you well
6 weeks of bliss, your emotional fix

Mad At the Paper Boy

Mad at the papaer boy that little nerd
Can't throw a paper straight, the spastic twerp
Hit me in the head with the Daily Sun
Then he laughed like a maniac, the smart ass runt
Mad at the paper boy
Mad at the paper boy, I'm really not amused
Gotta wear a football helmet if I wanna read the news
He threw the morning paper in the middle of the grass
Then he rode by on his bicycle and kicked me in the ass!

Love To Hate

Love to hate I love to hate
Deck the halls with Sharon Tate
Love to hate I love to hate
Assasinate, decapitate
I need a dog that I can kick
I need someone to make me sick
The girl that fills me with disgust
Will be the object of my lust
I love to hate you
Love to hate you

More Problems

You were once a nice suburban girl
Until mom and dad gave you their special love
You wanted to tell them something personal
But the exact words you couldn't think of
So you cut and dyed your hair
During an overdose of parental advice
Now they're wondering where they went wrong
And what happened to the friends they liked
Now you're a punk rocker
With another set of problems
How to come up with money to feed yourself
Now you're one rude punk rocker
Hair dyed and tattoos everywhere
There's no going back you realize
But you wish it could be better
Your drinking all your problems away
With goons who treat you like shit
For a while you enjoyed it
But you keep thinking there's more than this
Now you're a punk rocker
With another set of problems
How to enjoy yourself without losing it
You say you've got your life tied up
But is it with something around your arm?
You know everything you need to know
But is it just enough to keep you outta harm?
You say you know what you want
But will getting it be that easy?
Your enjoying yourself you say
But wasn't it more easy when you had more opportunities?
Now you're a punk rocker
With a shit load of problems
Who you gonna turn to
When your life gets smashed in? 

Supermarket Fantasy

I went through the automatic doors
My shopping cart ran in to hers
Our eyes met for a second, then she turned away
And after just a little while
I went in to the canned goods aisle
And there she was just standing there smiling
I was hoping she'd look at me
But she was checking out the lima beans
And artichoke, my heart was broken in pieces
By my supermarket fantasy
I didn't want to seem obsessed
I checked Farina off my list
But I couldn't keep my mind off those perfect lips
I saw her start to walk my way
Thought that everything would be okay
Then I ran in to the Cocoa Puffs display
I hurried to the checkout line
Wishing I could push back time
I looked around and she was right behind me
My supermarket fantasy
I wanna clip your coupons girl
I wanna squeeze your Charmin too
I wanna be your grocery bagger forever
And we'll go shopping every night
Up and down the empty aisles
And I'll always make sure your melons are ripe
But I can't get up the nerve
I can have the best buys in the world
But I'll never share a shopping cart with her
My supermarket fantasy 

Holy Hardcore

Holy harcore Jesus Christ
Knocking our religious life
Live by Crass, die by the sword
We're punk rock servants of the lord
You say that all you want is peace
The Bible preaches anarchy
You say that God does not exist
You stupid punker - look at the mess you're in
It's holy harcore
Moshin' to the harcore hymns
The altar boys are in the pit
The deacon's skankin' in the pews
I got a bible and I don't need you
Our hair is spiked we're on our knees
Combat boots upon our feet
Open bible, turn the page
The Reverend Spike is dicing off the stage 

Professional Distribution

So you've heard we got the buzz
We'll be so famous with you behind us
Will you market us professionally?
Can we be part of the music industry?
We are the crue and we don't need you
'Cause we don't like you
And we say fuck you
Professional distribution 

Used Cars

Used cars
No money down sounds good to me
Got monthly payments til I'm 93
Used cars
I stopped to look and now I own
A school bus and a '71 Olds
Zero percent financing
I thought I had a steal
Then my transmission dropped, I hit a cop
Oh God! Why did I make this deal?
Used cars
Used Cars! 

The Hunter

God's creatures carcasses
Laying all around
Some stupid hick shot them all down
Not for food, not for life, just for fucking fun
I can't wait to see the day when animals carry guns
When animals carry guns 

I Believe in UFOs

I believe in UFOs
Baldheaded men with goldfish bowls
Tied securely round their waists
Observing us from outer space
I believe in UFOs
Men from space invade my dreams
Simply confirming my beliefs
The government will not admit
Another race of man exists
I believe in UFOs
Twinkle twinkle UFO
There are those of us who know
You're up above up in the sky
Watching our planet slowly die
I believe in UFOs

Hey Suburbia

Try and tell us our future's at stake
We're gonna slam dance on your grave
'Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow
You say we're a bunch of lazy bums
We just wanna act stupid and have some fun
'Cause we don't give a shit about tomorrow
Hey suburbia
We're in love with you
We won't end up like you want us to be