My Brain Hurts

Released in 1992 on Lookout Records
Weasel: Vocals
Jughead: First Guitar
Vapid: Second Guitar
Panic: Drums
Naked: Bass


1. Making You Cry
2. Slogans
3. Guest List
4. Veronica Hates Me
5. I Can See Clearly
6. Condy's On Methadone
7. The Science of Myth
8. What We Hate
9. Teenage Freakshow
10. Kamala's Too Nice
11. Don't Turn Out the Lights
12. Fathead
13. I Wanna Be with You Tonight
14. My Brain Hurts


Making You Cry

I'm sick of putting you down pushing you around
I'm tired of making you feel like you are an eel
I tend to open my yap and make you feel like crap
And I think you oughtta kick me out on my ass
'Cause I'm tired of making you cry
Why do you put up with my crybaby shit?
I sit there eating your food
I'm in a bad mood
I'm bored or mad so I verbally harass you
My way of showing my love
I give you a shove I suck  


Words are stirring your anger's burning
You could really use a slogan right now
Eighteen and feeling pretty mean
'Cause you're sick and fucking tired out being pushed around and around
Up and fucking down
You wanna believe there's an answer
Well there's not and the funny thing about it is
That two hours later they're just words that you seem to have forgot
Don't think about what's right or wrong just leave the thinking to your boss
Do what you're supposed to now
Your heart is pounding your feet hit the ground
You wanna see some action right now
Feeling strong gonna right some wrong
gonna raise your banner and stand up tall and proud
Don't tell me ideology has a thing to do with it
You like to think you're different but you're all one fucked up power trip
And I really don't give a shit what you happen to believe in
Now you can finally begin to feel like you fit in
Don't ever listen to yourself
You'll fuck it up just like you always do
Someone will be there to explain your job so do it  

Guest List

I was hanging out at the show feeling like a fat potato
I don't know what I'm doing here
I saw her at the door and she looked as bored as me
So I got her in I put her on the guest list at the show
And now I get to watch her dance like the other weirdos do
I saw she brought a camera She did the groin-o-rama
And we were really having fun
I told her I was the lead singer
I felt like Harvey Klinger
And then she smacked me in the head  

Veronica Hates Me

She always has something to say to ruin an otherwise nice day
She always has to start a fight
She doesn't like the way I think
She don't understand why I must drink to go out on Friday night
But I know what she's doing
I know that I'm losing
I know that she's screwing me
Veronica doesn't like the way I dress (Veronica hates me!)
Veronica thinks my hair is such a mess (Veronica hates me!)
Why the deposition?
Veronica's definition
Of love is hate
Veronica hates me
She thinks I oughtta get a job
and quit taking up space on her couch with my hand deep in my crotch
She don't know how to shut her mouth
I don't know what I'd do without her to drag me down
She asks me when is the wedding and I'm getting ready to yank out the net and push  
Veronica doesn't like the way I dress (Veronica hates me!)
Veronica thinks my hair is such a mess (Veronica hates me!)
Why the deposition?
Veronica's definition
Of love is hate
Veronica hates me

Cindy's On Methadone

Cindy's on methadone she's through with the syringe
Cindy's on methadone she's off on heroin
Cindy's on methadone we're glad to have her home
She slept in vomit no she sleep on methadone
But she stopped ripping off her neighbors
Stopped taking change from strangers
Stopped shooting needles full of dreams into her arms
Cindy's on methadone we see it in her eyes
Sounds so much better but it's just another high
She stopped calling at three thirty
Stopped looking thin and dirty
Stopped screaming bloody murder when she got cut off
Why don't you stop with your fake solutions
Stop covering up the truth
And stop trying to make things smooth
And stop acting like she's stupid  
Cindy's on methadone

The Science of Myth

If you've ever question beliefs that you hold you're not alone
But you oughtta realize that every myth is a metaphor
in the case or Christianity and Judaism there exists the belief that spiritual matters are enslaved to history
The Buddhists believe that the functional aspects override the myth while other religions use the literal core to build foundations with
See half the world sees the myth as fact while it's seen as a lie by the other half and the simple truth is that it's none of that and somehow no matter what the world keeps turning Somehow we get by without ever learning Science and religion are not mutually exclusive In fact for better understanding we take the facts of science and apply them And if both factors keep evolving then we continue getting information but closing off possibilities makes it hard to see the bigger picture Consider the case of the women whose faith helped her make it through when she was raped and cut up left for dead in a trunk her beliefs held true It doesn't matter if it's real or not cause some things are better left without a doubt and if it works then it gets the job done  

The way things go I don't think so The changes that alter us are a product of our own volition and we become what we hate It's not hard to figure out that you're scared when you act so much better You're holding onto something we can't have but hands still circle you're still getting old and we become what we hate Do you believe in the lies that shape your world Do you believe in your own fictitious immortality The world won't end while you walk the earth and when you realize that your life don't matter You'll turn to something to help you forget that you're only young once, old forever  

Lucky you lucky me You're a threat to our community Mom don't like the way you look you're straight out of a comic book It's a teenage freakshow Funny hair and acting bored don't seem to matter anymore Everything's already been done and we don't know what we want It's a teenage freakshow Now I can't handle staring into space and I can't stand the stupid look on your face I can't handle refusing to change and I can't handle the same old same old from you Cause I'm sick and tired of you There ain't nothing to do It's time for change We don't know what We sit around collecting dust I don't wanna get high I don't wanna dance but everybody's got an answer  

She took me into her lovely home Called Nicaragua on the phone read Art of Loving by Erich Fromme She made enchiladas for me man I won't take advantage of her and I won't even ask her to book my band Kamala's too nice I'm such a dick Kamala's too nice and I'm a pig Kamala's too nice she makes me sick I sit in her apartment acting rude Eat mashed potatoes in the nude She don't care cause she's totally way rad dude I keep her television on all night and tell her she's wrong cause I'm always right  

Don't turn out the lights tonight I need a can of Raid Ants will crawl inside my ears and nibble on my brain There's something by the window and it wants to get inside and it's waiting for the dark so it can eat me up alive You never listen when I call I end up sleeping in the hall Cause you're to busy with important things You smile and say that you believe but you're not listening to me and now they're coming to get me Why don't you believe it's not all inside my head Something wants to eat me and it lives underneath my bed I gotta keep the lights on or I'll never get to sleep Cause there's something in this bedroom and it's giving me the creeps I try to tell you that I'm scared you act like you don't even care You just pat me on the head and walk away You're gabbing downstairs on the phone You leave me in the dark alone and now I'm gonna stay up all night Don't turn out the lights  

Why don't you beat it why don't you go away You smelly butt why don't you go away You're just a turd why don't you go away Sit on it nerd why don't you go away Dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy dummy why don't you beat it why don't you go away You little assface why don't you go away Your mother's calling why don't you go away Too cool for me why don't you go away Punky the fathead why don't you go away Baby baby baby baby baby baby when you see me why don't you go away You think we suck why don't you go away Come to the show why don't you go away We got your money why don't you go away SO who's the dope why don't you go away Punky punky punky punky punky punky go fart in a puddle why don't you go away Beat it scram go away  

I just know your name but still just the same I see you in my dreams at night I see you in my food when I eat I see your pretty mug I think that I'm in love If you kissed me I would blow up If you kissed me you would throw up I try to say don't walk away from me in this condition I sit and look at you and think of what you do after school when you go home and leave me standing all alone here And I try to speak My mouth's dry I'm weak I'm sure you've got a boyfriend and he's probably a lawyer or something I try to say don't walk away from me in this condition cause I wanna be with you tonight I can't move to the other side of the room and you're ignoring me You must think I'm gay or something because I can't find a way to ask you out but I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying  

Time gets wasted every day I watch the minutes tick away My brain is melting like a chocolate ice cream bar Like characters on TV these people look like maggots to me and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me Milk fed little beauty queen she's straight out of a magazine she sits beside me breathing different air than me The perfect generation sees that I'm infected with disease and everything just crumbles and there's nothing left If i wanna do something right I gotta do it myself or someone else will fuck it up It isn't all black and white and now it's time to stop and figure out reality No one knows what they're talking about if what they're talking about don't making any sense to me I gotta figure it out cause I don't want something to believe in