Here are a bunch of links relating to Screeching Weasel. If you own or know of a website that is not on this list, email me and I'll add to this page if it doesn't suck.

Back - "Screeching Weasel": The offical Screeching Weasel website. It has a lot of information and pictures that you can't find anywhere else (do to copyrighting), so pay it a visit. - "BoogadaBoogadaBoogada": Although this website is no longer maintained, it still has some good inoformation on the band. - "Screeching Weasel Tattoos": A cool website that displays pictures of peoples' Screeching Weasel tattoos. - "Schnuff's Screeching Weasel Page": An okay SW website. Some good info and (literally) a couple of pictures. - "Screeching Weasel Lyrics": A good resource for Screeching Weasel lyrics... but why waste time when you can use my lyrics page? - "Lookout! Records": The homepage of Lookout(!) Records. - "Panic Button Records": This is home to many punk bands including Screeching Weasel. - "Screeching Weasel Guitar Tabs": An awesome website if you are looking for SW guitar (and some bass!) tabs. - "Brenden's Screeching Weasel Page": Although this site has a bad layout it has some good info and stuff.