CD Cover Art
Here is a collection of all the cover art that had adorned the Screeching Weasel CDs over the years.

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Anthem for a New Tommorow

Bark Like a Dog

Beat Is On the Brat

BoogadaBoogadaBoogada (Front and back)

Born Against Janelle (Single)


How to Make Enemies and Irritate

Kill the Musicians (The second one's how it should be...)

Major Label Debut (Single)

My Brain Hurts

Self-Titled (Screeching Weasel)

Suzannae Is Getting Married/Waiting for Susie (First and second printing)

Teen Punks In Heat

Television City Dreams (Color + Black and White)

Thank You Very Little (Best of)

You Broke My Fucking Heart (Single)

Formula 27 (Single)

Jesus Hates You (Single)

Pervo Devo (Single)

Punkhouse (Single)

Radio Blast (Single)

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions (Single)

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