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30th April 2002

Not much is new. I added a few amusing pictures in the About Me section and then I gave Jules credit for the pictures that she took. Thank you, Jules. I'm sorry I was late in the credit-giving. I have good intentions, I really do.

27th April 2002

It's been a while. I've done quite a bit of work today. I've added three sections: Magazine Scans, Bass Tabs, and Contact. My ASW Scotch section has changed to more of a poetry/songs section due to personal matters. I've added a few new links (Rooney Street Team, Phantom Planet, Rooney Escape, and then I changed to link to the offical Rooney site to  a banner).

Tons of new pictures, especially in the Phantom Planet section. I think I counted 18, though I had to take one of my pictures that was already up out because I had accidentaly posted it twice (the one with Jacques in the John Lennon tshirt). I also got a response from Sam with answers to the survey I sent him. See the interview here. I also recieved all my Phantom Planet Phan Club membership stuff the other day. I'm officialy in (and on the website!). Number 0784! Wahoo!

In Rooney news: as you all know, Louie is grounded. No news there... I've added 10 new Rooney pictures from various sources. They're all great ones, so check 'em out.

22nd April 2002

No updates really. I'll put more up later when I have more time. I'm still surprised at Rob's new name. Robert Carmine... I guess it's because he doesn't want to live in the shadow of his brother, and changing his name to Robert Coppola (which I personally think sounds incredibly awesome), would earn him descriptions that are something along the lines of "Francis Ford Coppola's nephew" and such. I don't know.... I still can't remember his new last name for more than a half an hour. Robert Carmine. I keep trying to call him Robert Camillia. Argh!!!!!!!!!

Uh, I went to Portland, Oregon, with my dear friend Claire. Lots of fun... I got a Phantom Planet tshirt (which I"m wearing right now!) as well as a few *shudder* fashion magazines. But they had Phantom Planet and Jason Schwartzman in them, thusly they are precious. It was actually Claire who bought the one with PP in it, and then when we discovered that it had PP in it, she ripped out the page and gave it to me. Claire, you are an angel. So anyway, I'll scan that as soon as I feel like it. Ha! You are at my mercy.... not that you even care, but that's okay.

16th April 2002

I've been having problems with my computer lately... the website wouldn't update last time, so I'm crossing my fingers that it will this time. I got Phantom Planet is Missing today from Screaming Mimi's (local music store)! Yay! The guy ordered it especially for me and so I feel special. Hurrah! Well, I've added a link to my friend Lane's website on the links page. She has mulitple sites, but I believe they all link together on the site...
I've taken my brother's advice and put a page for archived updates because they were all getting to be a bit much. I assure you, once spring break is over, I won't have nearly as many.

14th April 2002

Happy aniversary, Mom and Dad. Let's see... I changed the Picture of the Day, but other than that I have not made any other notable changes. I'm supposed to be doing something productive today, and updating my website apparently isn't one of them. I almost miss school, as weird as that may sound. So, I will ramble on and on about random stuff here... what do you think I should add to my website? I'm sort of running out of stuff to put on it. I suppose I could add more Hayden Christensen pictures. Hmm. Well, I think I should go try to clean my room as it hasn't been cleaned in a couple of months and is unbearably full of stuff...

12th April 2002

I'm all happy because I got my 500th hit on the site the other day. Unfortunately, my counter counts every time somebody views the front page, meaning that I've probably only gotten 40 hits or so. But that's still good. I guess... On a different note: I got Rock Steady today. I had downloaded all their songs, but I figured it was time I paid No Doubt their money, so I went out to Screaming Mimi's and got it. Yay!!!

Vote for Alex, Jacques, and Robert as the hottest male singer here! Vote as many times as you want... We're trying to get Alex up there, as sadly enough, Jacques and especially Robert, don't stand a chance. We've gotta get about 500 more votes so vote about a dozen times a day, if you can. Put the link on your website too....

11th April 2002

I've added a couple of pictures to the Phantom Planet page as well as a few to the Rooney page. Do check them out and don't forget to sign the guestbook!

Hey. I'm probably not going to get around to updating my page much today. Our car caught on fire at the thrift store parking lot a couple of hours ago, so we've got to clear all that up, meaning that Mom will need to use the computer a lot today. Plus, I haven't done my laundry in about a week and a half, so I've gotta do that. I've been having problems lately -- when I get online to check up on my site, it says that it doesn't exist at that URL, so I've got a bit of work to do to figure that whole thing out. Sign the guestbook!

10th April 2002

10:00pm -- I put about 20 pictures of Phantom Planet on the page. I got them all from a site (http://geocities.com/verdewaldo/main.html), and so if you have any problems with that (ie, you are the owner and you hate me for some odd reason, thusly you don't want me to have the photos), email me at ladymadona@angelfire.com. Thanks!

Hey hey hey, I'm the gingerbread man! Okay, I've added a pathetically puny Phantom Planet page on the site... I also took a bunch of random quizzes and posted the results at the bottom (if you want to take the quizzes too). So yes, it's time for dinner and I will update later.

9th April 2002

Updates are getting too few and far-between, but becuase spring break is coming up, I promise to have more updates. I keep finding new stuff out about Rooney. For instance, I believe that Michael J. Fox is Taylor's uncle, though I could be mistaken. And I just found that out yesterday...
On Phantom Planet news: I'm planning on joining the official phan club. I just have to fill out a check and send it all in to them. Tomorrow, I'll add a Phantom Planet section to my site, so don't expect a whole bunch more Rooney stuff. For the next few days, I'll mostly put stuff about PP up. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!

6th April 2002

Hey! Sorry I didn't update yesterday.... Vote here for Phantom Planet's "California" video for MTV. You can vote as many times as you want and I swear they're not paying me to say this (ah, but that would be nice, wouldn't it? I think rock groups should pay their fans to promote them...).
Not much else to report... Um, it has been confirmed that Moria is a superb guitarist, but other than that, I don't know.... I saw Life as a House for the second time last night, and MY GOD is Hayden Christensen a hottie...

I've added a TINY Hayden Christensen page, but if your obsessed or you jsut think he's hot, come back soon and I'll have more. I won't be updating tomorrow because I believe I'm going snowboarding, and I most likely won't be able to during the week, but check back on Wednesday (the night before our spring break starts).

4th April 2002

I finally have an interview with Louie! Yay!
I will add more soon, I just want to publish this as soon as possible

3rd April 2002

I got Phantom Planet's The Guest yesterday and have been listening to it non-stop (even during class). I simply love it! I cannot get "Anthem" out of my head and am kicking myself for not buying it earlier. I wish I didn't always catch on to things so late...
I got three CBGB's pictures from Mel, which I have mentioned below the Picture of the Day above... A couple great ones of Matt...

1st April 2002

Matt emailed me a response for my interview! I am so excited. You can see that here. Just when  I was giving up hope that any of them except Taylor would ever take notice of my emails... Ah, life is good. Life is very good..

31st March 2002

I have added a Picture of the Day Archive becuase now I have archieved Pictures of the Day.
I also have a new picture of the day because it is a new day (wow!). I found a picture of Taylor's guitar on the webiste music123.com. I had been looking all over on  musiciansfriend.com for it, but had been having no luck. You can see the picture at the bottom of my Rooney page.

30th March 2002

I've added an updates page! I've changed the ASW Scotch page due to new members and the like. My Europe Trip page got a bit of an update (about two sentences about our upcoming trip). And... it looks like I've actually gotten some traffic since I added a counter a while ago, though not nearly as much as I would like. I am pestering Rooney to put my site on their official page, but to no avail. I've also removed the Beatles banner at the top because it was restricting the other part of the page. I'm trying to remove that incredibly annoying thing that shows up when one gets on my website, but I can't seem to figure out how. If you know, email me at ladymadonna@angelfire.com.

5:40 - I've been doing lots of work on my site today. I've changed the background color to black to match the rest of my site. What do you think of it? Tell me... I've also changed the font to match the rest of the pages.

10:20 - Forgot to say that I added a bunch of Rooney pictures (I have a total of 27 now), so check them out on my Rooney page. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!
I've added a link to my brand, spankin' new Yahoo! group on my Rooney page...