Magazine Scans

This is from Spin Magazine. I scanned it in myself. Oh, what talent. So yes... I love how Sam is like glowing. It's a really good picture of him. And of course, Jason is wearing one of his hand-drawn tie shirts.

Lol this one's great. This is from the April issue of YM
(the crap I have to buy to get pictures of Rooney and Phantom Planet.
This one had Pink on the cover. haha i didn't actually buy it.
Ny gave it to me). But anyway, this is a really
funny picture of Ned. I love it...

Lol this is from the cover of my random notebook, so it's got writing
and stuff on it. In case you couldn't tell, the writing above the
picture says "tie man" for no reason other than I was bored and
Jason has his tie shirts. This was in a Teen People (oh the crap I buy...)

Wooo hoooo!!!!!!! THANK YOU, ANYA! YOU ARE MY ANGEL! i am so happy about this! ah he's so funny. mom now refers to him as my "hero" lol. im hyper because of this

The following are thanks to my dear brother. Meh i had to trade him an awesome Jones Soda sticker for them. ah... but it's worth it. defenitely.

Awww... Jason's the only one that gets credit.  
lol jacques is looking funny....

Haha. "lost weekend" all you Lennon fans will get that. the rest of you....
All i c an say is, better study up on music history.
From left: Nick, Fab, Julian, Albert, and Nikolai

I have another Phantom Planet magazine article to scan (the one that Claire ever so graciously tore out of her magazine for me) but it's at school so I'll do it later.