Interview with Sam

full name: sam  john farrar
height: 6'2
birthdate: 6-29-78
hometown: l.a., ca.

1) favorite subject in school when you were younger?
art and mathematics.

2) do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

3) what's your favorite breakfast food?
sausage biscuit with egg.

4) if PP was stuck on a desert island with no food or anything, who would you eat first?
this question is too dark to answer.

5) who in PP is the messiest?
on tour, jason. but alex's room at home is unbelievable.

6) boxers or briefs?
boxers. or boxer-briefs.

7) What are your weaknesses? (ie, something that would make you immediately fall for a girl. For instance, mine is sideburns).
eyes. smile. hair. style. anything can be a weakness.

8) what does your girlfriend think of all this?
she hates it.

9) did you ever in your wildest dreams think you'd make it this big?
we're not that big, but i never thought i'd be in Utica, NY playing a 3000 seater with some cool bands and a bus parked outside. just makes me smile.

10) what's your opinion on disneyland?
it's great if you're in the mood and it's not a weekend.

11) when did you start playing the bass? I've just started, and so would like some tips on learning and stuff...
when the band started. played guitar for a couple years before that.
playing along to your favorite records is my biggest piece of advice.

12) what does your dream bass look like?
don't know. haven't seen it yet.

13) will you come to Seattle and play at the Paramount? Please?

take care


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