Sum 41

These are all off the official site ( easy enough to remember, eh?)
and should prove to be nothing new. Unless, of course, you haven't been to the official site.

Deryck, Dave, Steve, and Cone

I love this one of Cone. from left: Steve, Dave, Deryck, Cone

Dear God this one's scary!

They are officialy the oddest band
(except for all the 80s bands and stuff...)

Dave, Steve, Cone,and Deryck

heh. Ilove this little lunge thingy. Deryck, Dave, Cone. Their pants are all short!

Some odd person whom I believe is a male, though I can't tell, Cone, and Steve

Dear God the havoc they wreck!

According to their site, this is Sum 41 (minus Brownsound) with Slayer

Oh this circly thingy is odd. Cone

'Tis brownsound!

And bizzy d

notice the lovely 9 on his shirt (well, you can't see it here, but you certainly
can on the previous picture, so look there, fool!)

Steve's attempt at a plie in second while being inside a circle
all i can say is, "interesting"

Oh dear god it's steve and he's all white and pasty!

AHH! At least he's got some pants or something on

Heh. I love this one of Cone. I need some screen captures from the outtakes of Fat Lip,
where they're in that conveniece store. Just thought i'd mention it.
if you have them, email 'em to me, and i will be your friend for life

Heh. Oh my, it's getting late and my eyes
are drooping. I'll put more stuff up later.
anywho this is brownsound