Interview with Ned

1) boxers or briefs?

2) girls with freckles?
yes please

3) favorite childhood moment?
playing air guitar to van halen songs

4) do bands want mainstream sucess?
ours does i think...i do at least. i love the secret indie band shit but ultamately, i want alot of people to enjoy our music

5) would you be ruluctant for instant fame? often, sucess on the first full-length record is associated with one-hit wonders...
our record is going to be solid and thats it...there will be 12 hits on this first installation

6) who are you least likely to get tired of?
my brother luke

7) if all of /r/ was stuck on a desert island and there was nothing to eat but each other (i know this is dark, but bear
with me here), who would you eat first?or maybe last makes it a nicer question...
i'd save taylor for last

8) how old is everybody?
18-24 with minor cheating

9) how did you first meet?
i met robert on a magazine shoot and became friends through my best buddy sam farrar

10) have you had any regrets along the way that you wish you could take back?
 I wish we worked out the website a long time ago

11) if you were to go on tour with someone, who would it be?
beck or maybe strokes or even phantom planet

12) is the movie business brutal? (KCJ is trying to write a script and wantd to go into the movie business so that's an
explaination for the question)
it can all about relationships and bulding off of really have to extend yourself and posess social skills i think

13) when is the CD going to be out?
hopefully september/october

14) are you planning on coming to the Bay Area again?
yes definitely soon

15) are you planning on touring worldwide, nationwide, or just in California?(please come to the northwest!
Seattle, Tacoma, any of those places.... )
we will certainly tour everywhere...the entire world included

16) who are "the two?" in lots of bands, it seems that there are two people whoreally hold it all together. like in The Beatles, John and Paul were considered the two..
everyone in this band has their role and no one is really excluded from any parts. rob writes the songs, we all help put them together, i work hard on keeping the communication lines flowing with the rest of our team which probably includes 15-20 other people...taylor, does tons of shit all over the map, winter is sort of the gear specialist, and louie, like rob, is a bit of a studio rat, we're all looking forward to seeing him go to town this summer

17) How did Rob go about asking the members to be in the band? Was he like,"Hey...wanna
be in my band?"
it isn't his band...its our band and with me, i went over there and auditioned, they were thinking i was older than they wanted because at the time taylor was only like 15 and i was in my twenties... i knew all the song lyrics and was singing along....that sold robert. that was a long time ago

18) Why did he ask you?
i was model and jason thought that was cool because i was tall I think...he told robert to invite me over

19) Do you regret the effect your modeling/acting has had on the following o f Rooney? Ex. Teeny
Boppers and such...
i did alot of cool work which allowed me to do this band so not at all. i only hate it when these girls dig up the lamest ads from the sunday paper or whatever instead of the cool ones from italian fashion mags but oh day ill make my own site where people can view the good stuff.

20) Is there ever any drama? Cat fights and what not. If so, about what?
we argue but lately everyone has been really happy...the fights almost always involve either winter or robert or both

21) If you weren't modeling/acting or in Rooney...where would you be?

22) What do you like to do when you're not practicing or playing shows? Where are the "hot spots"?
i like to drink beer with my friends or play with my girlfriend and dogs. i also like to go out to dinner and cook out and stuff. ive been a bit sick of clubs lately but i do love to see rock shows. now that my mates and i are all living near eachg other, my socila life is much more fun

23) To smoke or not to smoke? That's a hot question.
smoking is gross and im sorry so many people take offense to it. my mom parents called me from seattle really pissed because you guys said i was smoking on the boards. that was weird. i smoke very minimally and often not at all but i guess im kind of over it, luckily, i dont have a niccotine addiction. obviously, smoking is bad.

24) Could you love a woman who is older as you? (or younger, for that matter...)
any women yes...right now, im in love with a younger woman

25) Do you like you?
ned rules

26) For what would you be abble to die for?
nothing right now

27) What are you reading?
heavier than heaven...kurt cobain biography

28) Favorite food?

29) Favorite drink?

30) Favorite tv show?
strangers with candy

31) Favorite movie?
big labowski

32) Pepsi or Coke?

33) how does it feel to be divas? uh.. divos?
weird, i think you fans exxagerate our status though...we're all pretty normal and unfamous

34) would you ever, in a million years, sell out?
i have no idea what that means...i know i dont want to ever use the band to sell corporate be in a pony ad which we already declined

WOO HOO! Thanks so much, Ned! You rock our socks all the way off!

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