when he was at camp, pat won a dirtboard. so he brought it home and we went dirtboarding yesterday. first, we walked over to a piece of road by his house that is basically a raviene. we walked part way down the hill and we put on our 'safety' gear (helmet with no buckle and gardening gloves), and we were off. because it was the first time i had been on a dirtboard, i fel a lot into the ditch-full-of-water/shrubbery on the sides of the road. i got a few cuts and bruises, but nothing too bad. after we got tired of this, we went back to my house to build a jump for the dirtboard. i have documented this process and our first few attempts and dirtboard jumping:

this here is the dirtboard with the gardening gloves and broken helmet.

we begin to construct the jump across my driveway at the bottom if a small hill
(for SPEED!).

we carted down old patio bricks to make the jump. they have been used a variety
of times for constructing jumps for bikes and skateboards and whatever else.

this is my first attempt at riding off of the jump. it really sucked as you can
probably tell. the jump wasn't very wide and i found myself falling off of the edge
more times than not.

see, this is how we'd get enough speed: the person who wasn't on the board
would get pushed to the hill, then they would coast down and goo off the jump.
it actually worked pretty well.

patrick couldn't do it the first few times either...

we finally realized that the narrow jumped sucked, so we doubled the width by adding another board. this worked a lot better and we actually able to get off the end of the jump and do stuff. there are no pictures of this because we got a video camera to use, so if you want to see a really crappy video of pasty white kids jumping off of jumps with dirtboards you should come over sometime. otherwise, you're just gonna have to believe me that we got better at this.

here's a story about this: pat was pushing we on the board to go off the jump, and for some reason i completely missed the jump and went off to the right of it and crashed on the driveway. we got this all on film and it's really funny becuase i drag across the gravel and i make funny noises. i got a big cut on my knee though (boohoo), but it is still funny.

ps. now it's fall and i have a huge scar.