sophomore outdoor ed!

one day we went on a trip to a place somewhere.

and we set up camp.

and we cooked food to eat.

and on this trip, matt and i decided to establish a club called the "We're Not
Afraid of Anything Club." and we met on the edge of a dry waterfall where we
threw rocks and broke things with eric.

and this is the valley where things happen.

and this is a mountain that will be in many pictures here.

and then after a day had happened, matt, eric, and i headed back to the dry
waterfall to throw more rocks.

then it got dark.

and here we are having fun.

and this is eric and matt and the waterfall.

but blaine wouldn't come down all the way. but we still love him.

those are people. do you see them?

we are forced to look for water for no apparent reason. eric and i meet up with
matt and we are the only people who find water. we're not afraid of anything!

and after we find water, we climb a big rock. we're still not afraid of anything.

and then! and then eric and matt make the vodoo map! then the plan occurs:
we will force stephan to breed and create babies for us to eat. and we can

set up camp.

then it gets dark.

we eat.

that is snot from eric's nose.

goat lake.

we're the first to get there because we are cool.

then we hike up a mountain.

this is a ledge.

this is what we're climbing.

really high.


profile: matt

profile: tyler

profile: erica

profile: blaine

profile: stephan (the breeder)

girls don't like to have their pictures taken.

and we finish first. 'cause, guess what liz, we're not afraid of anything.