The Wisdom of Duff Man! Oh, Yeah!

Duff Man Quotes.

1. Titanya: "But Duff Man, you said if I slept with you I wouldn't have to touch the drunk!"  
Duff Man: "Duff Man... says a lot of things! Oh, yeah!"

2. (Duff Man watering his grass) "This brown spot needs a little H2-oh, yeah!"

3. (A giant sticker is placed over Duff Man's face) "Duff Man! Can't breathe! Oh, no!"

4. "Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem! Oh, yeah!"

5. (After seeing a picture of Moe) "That's a mug you don't want to chug!"

6. "New feelings... brewing in Duff Man! What would... Jesus do?"

7. "Now, our final round which counts for 98% of the total score making the complete rounds a total waste. Don't forget, today's winner will be immortalized in our new Duff Calendar. "

8. Duff Man: "Duff beer is brewed from hopps, barley, and sparkling clear mountain what?"
Titanya: "Goat!"
Duff Man: "Close enough!"

9. (Duff Man enters Moe's)

Duff Man: "Are you ready to get Duffed?"


Lenny: "Hey, it's Duff man! A guy in a costume that creates awareness of Duff."

Duff Man: "Duff Man wants to party down with the man who sent in 10,000 Duff labels to bring me here today. I've got a bottomless mug of new Duff Extra Cold for, Barney Gumbel!"

All: "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!"

Barney: "I can't, I'm the designated driver!"

(Everything stops)

Duff Man: "Yeah that's swell, Duff wholeheartedly supports the designated driver program. Now! Who wants to Party!"

10. "Are you ready to get DUFFED?"

Duff Man Info.

1. Real Name(s): Duff Man has been called "Larry" and "Sid."

2. Theme Song: "Oh, Yeah!" by Yello.

3. Belt: Holds eight cans of Duff beer.

4. Voice by: Hank Azaria