An Interview with Matt

Marshall: So Matt. Tell us... How long have you been a camel?

Matt: Well Marshall, I never knew I was a camel. I'm a squirrel. You spelled squirrel wrong. Yuk yuk!

Marshall: Matt, no one can tell because I will soon spell check this...

Matt: Then why did you write "You spelled that wrong?"

Marshall: Because that's what you said Matt.

Matt: [Silence]

Marshall: Okay Matt, tell us how's your dog Tucker?

Matt: Tucker is big and fast. Hehe. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shut up Marshall. [Marshall cannot understand the sentence that Matt just said. Mattt claims he never said anything]

Matt: [Matt is looking at Emily's computer game]

Marshall: I see Matt... Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Matt: Who's us?

Marshall: Us is everyone who is reading this.

Matt: Stuff it! Yuk yuk! Hey! I never said "Yuk yuk!" I never say "Yuk yuk!" God...

Marshall: God...

Matt: Hahahaha. I was going Humhumhum! I'm not going "Humhumhum!" You can't even spell!

Marshall: Shut up Matt.

Matt: It's not my fault you can't write. Who's Buckcherry?

Marshall: A band Matt, a band.

Matt: [Silence] Uh... This is boring. There you go with the double eyes Marshall. If I say that you have to put the two eyes in is. Hey! Don't write that!

Marshall: Okay... We are going to stop now.

[That concludes the interview with Matthew Bush-Bean. Goodbye]