Rap Sucks!

Why does rap suck? A lot of reasons......
All those rappers out there are desperate to make money. And they don't deny it. Take Juvenile for example. They wear big gold chains, platinum covered teeth, large gold rings with $ signs on them, and drive expensive cars. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Maybe it means they are "cool," but then again WHAT IS COOL? My theory is that rappers wear all that crap to prove that there are losers out there who will spend fifteen bucks to buy their lousy CD. And that is bad for America. Who wants foreign countries to know that everyone in America is an idiot? Then third world countries would figure out that they are smarter then we are, and take us over with means of powerful arms and large guerilla forces. And do we want that? I think not my spunky eared friend. So here's what I think: RAP IS CRAP!

Eight Reasons NOT to Rap

1) It is a well known fact that rappers have a lower sperm count then regular people.
2) I'll ban you from this site.
3) You'll be forgotten in a few months.
4) It's plain stupid.
5) Your IQ will drop from the low, low point it's already at, and plummet into the negative numbers.
6) You'll be forced to spell things with "z's" instead of "s's" (ie. Hoes = Hoez).
7) You'll end up getting shot.
8) And if you don't get shot you'll die soon anyway from all the drugs you do.

How to Stop Rap

My friend, there IS a way to stop rap! Yes, there is a way!
There's the easy way and there's the hard way. Let's start with the easy way.
It's really quite simple; Stop buying rap CDs. Sounds too easy? Then try the hard way; 1) If you are a dentist who works on the rappers from Juvenile, drill all that goddamn platinum of their teeth! Ha! 2) Melt all the gold from their jewelry and turn it into a weight and drop it on the rap headquarters. (If there is such thing) 3) Buy their CDs (Only for this worthy cause though) and use them as disks to decapitate all the rappers.

You can't spell "CRAP" without "RAP!"