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the new videos are at the bottom.

Matt_Video_0006.avi - this is my friend Matt dancing around on a picnic table in 8th grade.

pat_fails_ollie____0001.avi - this is also "back in the day" when patrick was still learning how to ollie things on his skateboard.

Mouse_Video_0035.avi - This is around 8 seconds of my mouse crawling around on my hand.

fatty_dog_murph_____0005.avi - my fat, disobediant dog, murphy.

grind_0007.avi - pat tries to 50-50 and falls.

grind_0008.avi - marshall 50-50s the second rail successfully.

grind_0009.avi - pat boardslides the first rail and 50-50s the second one.

grind_0010.avi - marshall 50-50s the second rail and 50-50s the third rail.

ericboards_0004.avi - eric clears a gap on a skateboard but can't land.

ericboards2_0001.avi - eric shows the world how to kickflip in the rain.

ROOM_0007.avi - a crappy tour of my room.